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About Occupational Medical Exams in Mexico

Workers have specific rights that are protected by federal laws. The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) in the U.S., and the Federal Labor Law in Mexico, set strict guidelines for how employees can be treated at work to ensure their safety from hazardous substances like lead paint or asbestos while also promoting a safe working environment with measures such as providing protective clothing when necessary. To maintain an ideal integration of productivity and health, the best-run companies choose for occupational exam outsourcing.

Safety is of paramount importance to all businesses, and that includes occupational health. Compliance with standards not only mandates workplace compliance, but also helps ensure that production is conducted in a safe manner without placing employees’ well-being at risk.

There are many details you should be aware of when it comes to these exams for your staff:


Many businesses do not realize the many benefits pre-employment exams offer to their business’s occupational health and safety standards. 

Pre-employment exams should always include a medical history questionnaire, physical examination by a physician, drug testing etc. Some people who are unaware of these procedures may think that they will just be inconvenienced by the exam, and that it won’t really matter if no one follows through correctly; but this is untrue. Without proper compliance on behalf of employers, there would be more risks present during work hours than necessary. Many risks can have long-term effects, even fatal ones, such as developing cancer later down the road. Some others can include diabetes and hypertension, which, if left untreated, could warrant early retirement, or worse, death.

Hazards can include exposure to lead and asbestos fibers in places such as construction sites.

The pre-employment physical examination includes general exams by a physician, an analysis of the worker’s medical history, and drug/anti-doping tests. 

The need for a proper, accurate pre-employment exam cannot be stressed enough. Employers should ensure that their employees are medically fit to work in order to keep them safe from harm and liability risks. 

Periodic Exams

It is also important for employers to periodically check the health of their employees. By routinely performing a medical examination, an employer can proactively search for limitations that may eventually impede an employee’s ability to work, and plan accordingly for their position. 

In the course of their employment, internal or external circumstances may affect an employee’s health with respect to fitness for work. This is reason enough that periodic exams should be conducted in order to provide a current and complete picture of their emotional & physical well-being, so long as it does not conflict with any other current medication they’re on. 

An employer must always have current information at hand about the employee, so they can determine if said individual will remain safe on the job, while still working with intensity levels appropriate for their current situation.

Retirement Exams

A medical examination at the time of retirement can help an employee understand their current health condition and any limitations they may have with continuing to work. If it’s determined that the employee is unable to work due to these conditions, they may be eligible for a disability pension in addition to other benefits depending on company policy. 

Certain diseases such as diabetes or hypertension might arise while working; if this is found out early enough, steps can be taken so that physical tasks are not too strenuous before there’s need for more drastic measures.
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