Dental Crowns: Restore Your Teeth and Improve Your Appearance

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped ‘cap’ that is placed over a tooth – to cover the tooth to restore its shape and size, strength and improve its appearance.
When cemented into place, the crowns fully encase the entire visible portion of a tooth that lies at and above the gum line. When the whole tooth is capped, an artificial tooth shape is restored that matches the tooth’s natural shape and restores the tooth’s strength and appearance. A crown is a general cosmetic dental procedure to cover damaged teeth and improve their appearance.

A crown, when placed over a decayed tooth, will restore that natural appearance. There will be no visible hole in the tooth from decay. This will make the tooth look whole again and enhance its appearance. You will regain the confidence that was lost because of the decay.

Crowns and implants

Dental crowns are dental implants that are cemented into place on a tooth. A dental implant is a synthetic tooth that is permanently implanted into your jaw by a specialist dentist. A crown, like a dental implant, will restore the natural appearance and appearance of your tooth. Unlike a dental implant, a crown will not move in the jaw. The implant will, therefore, be virtually impossible to dislodge. A crown can also be placed on a single tooth or on multiple teeth.

Unlike dental implants, a crown can be made in a laboratory and then installed on a tooth in one visit. However, a dental crown requires several sittings and visits to the dentist to install. A dental crown is similar to a dental implant, except that a dental crown can be fitted on any tooth.

The best option

With a crown, you will regain the ability to enjoy your favorite foods and go on with your day without having to worry about your teeth looking odd, damaged, or discolored. With a crown, you will also feel more confident and secure about your oral hygiene. Your confidence will boost your self-esteem, which in turn will increase your overall quality of life.

Dental crowns are considered to be the best option for tooth restoration by most people. For more information about dental implants, please visit our other site.